Thank you for visiting my personal web site, which presents things I do for work and things I do for fun.  A design engineer by inclination and by education, I enjoy creating new things and modifying existing products to better suit my needs.  I've also been a car nut since the age of seven, so much of my tinkering involves improving various aspects of automobile performance.  These two passions came together in, the company I founded to manufacture and sell my patented fuel injector driver.


     When the time comes to take a break from design and fabrication, or to provide an environment for generating new ideas, I enjoy hiking and long distance running.  Beyond the physical benefits, both of these activities give the imagination time and space to wander.  A mountain hike is a wonderful way to stimulate creativity and recharge your mental batteries.  Similarly, I always return from a long run with renewed creative energy, improved focus, and many times concrete ideas on how to solve a current design challenge.  Distance running also teaches the value of pacing.  One eventually learns to run at the maximum speed that can be maintained for the duration.  Go too fast too soon and you will experience the 600 pound bear on your back!

Sample pictures to give you a taste of what I've been up to

The following pictures illustrate some of my capabilities and interests.  Clicking on the thumbnails will open the full size picture in a new window.

My work on Sanarus' Visica 2 tumor treatment system resulted in awards from the Wall Street Journal and National Instruments.


Here is a small sample of the fantastic scenery encountered on my hikes.


A significant fraction of my free time is spent doing both electronic and software analysis, design, and test.


The drive to create or modify culminated in my '96 Camaro project car.