Feather Falls

     Feather Falls may not have the variety of the other hikes I've presented here, but it does offer a very pleasant walk through the woods and spectacular waterfall payoff at the end.  It is an easy day hike for people from the San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento vicinity.  There is always plenty of time for hiking buddy Tom and I to relax at the Sierra Nevada brew pub in Chico after the hike.


     A half mile from either end of the hike it splits into the high road and the low road.  The high road is significantly longer, but is relatively level.  At least compared with the low road, which drops and rises through a couple of valleys.  Most of both trails is shaded, which helps when the temperature climbs above 80.  The pictures below are representative of the trail scenery.


Note the difference between the cascade shown below left, which is not Feather Falls, with the one below right, which is.  The right hand picture was taken from the path leading to an awesome viewing platform.   This is your first good look at the falls.


The observation platform provides a spectacular view of the falls, which rivals those in Yosemite in high snow fall years.


After soaking up the sun and the view from the platform, it's time to hike over to the brink of the falls.   This is no place for an acrophobe or slippery shoes!


There is a viewing cage on the promontory adjacent to the falls that provides a large measure of safety for those who want to venture out beyond the brink.  Now that you've been to the brink, let's take another look at the falls from the observation platform.  You can see people and the cage once you know what to look for.  Be sure to click on the picture below right to see the person circled in red to the right of the falls.