Mt. Tallac

Mt. Tallac is a fairly short, but still strenuous climb. As with just about any mountain hike, there are gorgeous views and lots of uphill.  If memory serves, the view shown below of Lake Tahoe (left) and Fallen Leaf Lake (right) is the first one you reach as you climb from the valley floor.  Below right, hiking buddy Tom contemplates the up-ness of it all.


The picture below-left shows our destination as viewed through a tree frame.  My wife wants to know is up with guys wanting to climb to the top of any rock pile in their vicinity.  I don't know where the motivation comes from, but it is quite common among mountain hikers.  (duh!)


Even on a hazy day, Tahoe's water is a deep blue.  South Lake Tahoe is visible on the right.  The fact that it looks so dinky should give you a feel for how high up we are.